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Athens String Quartet

1. Quartet Strings
Our major instrumental set-up covers a wide range of repertoire from a classic quartet of Mozart to jazz revisions. The melodious sounds of the various instruments may enrich every social event from a wedding ceremony to a big conference. Our quartet can also accompany dancers or singers and even be enlarged to a small orchestra in order to meet the expectations for your event.

2. Trio Strings
Our Trio is consisted from two violins and a cello and can perform a major part of our repertoire. It can perform in any occasion grant or intimate.

3. Quartet or Trio with female Singer
Our classic string Quartet or Trio accompany a female singer. This set up is amplified by technology and on recordings being reproduced by a professional sound system are being added our live string instruments and a beautiful female voice. It performs a more modern repertoire and covers equally events in small or large areas.

4. Duo
This set-up has several variations; two violins, violin and cello, violin and piano, violin and female voice. Depending on the variation the repertoire changes but it remains the most flexible set-up in order to meet the client’s musical preferences. It is suggested for more discreet cover music, with the exception of course of the variations with piano and female voice.

5. Solo classic
A classic music instrument, either a violin or a cello, always adds something special to your event and apart from a beautiful romantic image it performs a demanding and wide repertoire. Its discreet cover music is mostly adequate for events like wedding ceremonies or business dinners.

6. Electric solo violin
The modern version of solo performance is amplified by a professional sound system for a rock and pop essence. A live electric violin performs contemporary hits and has a wide repertoire of well known songs, soundtracks, rock ballads, jazz hits, tango melodies and classic tracks. The sound system’s amplification makes this set-up perfect for events in large areas or outside.