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Allegria String Quartet has prepared a rich music program for the most important day of your lives. Our extended repertoire covers almost every preference and even if you want something more (a specific tune that awakens common memories, a favorite song, a surprise for your beloved) you can preorder it and we will prepare it.

Every moment of your wedding day is important. Starting from the wedding preparations, the groom and the bride have the opportunity to enjoy live music at the place where they are getting ready for the ceremony. Our musicians may escort the bride and, if you wish, the groom at the ceremony and offer a pleasant time for the guests that await the bride’s arrival. Imagine light music playing during your vows or after the ceremony while your guests are congratulating the happy couple. Allegria String Quartet can enrich your cocktail with cheerful, modern melodies which you may choose from our wide repertoire and as for your first dance as a married couple our musicians may escort you with your favorite song to make this exciting moment even more romantic. We can even enrich your dinner with discreet music, melodies and songs from our international repertoire accompanied by a beautiful voice.

Whatever your choice may be, our musicians have the experience and the professionalism to meet your requirements for your important day. Having a wide experience in playing music at social events like weddings, we guarantee a memorable music experience for the happy couple and their guests.

Allegria String Quartet can offer several alternative set-ups (larger or smaller than a quartet) with several instrumental combinations including voice, in order to cope with your requirements. At SERVICES you may see in more detail our alternative set-ups.

ASQ Quartet - Weddings
ASQ Quartet - Weddings